Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Esoteric Hypno T-shirt

Welcome to Saturday. Let's see...the poll on this blog is malfunctioning and I just found out the whole Mars being as large as the moon on Monday is a hoax. Granted it seemed impossible, but I was willing to believe (yes, Mulder on the X Files is a hero to me). Bummer!!!

So, rather than focusing on the negative, I went in search of something cool for today's esoteric post. What I found was a t-shirt with the above logo. Kind of fun. They even make the t-shirt in women's styling (we are not all rectangles, you know). Here is the esoteric part. One might think this would be marketed to hypnotists. From what I can tell, it is not. It is made by Hypnotic Designs, clothing for cyclist. I never really thought biking had much to do with hypnosis, but perhaps I should look a little deeper. Road hypnosis, perhaps? The clicking of the wheels in a steady rhythm?

Anyway, if you are interested, you can order them off their web site at

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