Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Command

Still on a parenting kick, as I have a few clients I am working with in this genre (coincident? Universal consciousness? After I posted about childing-birthing hypno, a client just came to me to help her lessen anxiety about an upcoming adoption). In finding resources to send her way, I stumbled across an interview on the New Millennium Series (I think they are not very recent) with Charles Thomas Cayce, a child psychologist.

During this interview on raising children intuitively, he mentioned a story about his own daughter. She was (is?) a teenager who had some insomnia issues. So Dr. Cayce created a suggestion tape for her to listen to at night so she would sleep better. It worked and it sounds like the issues have gone away.

It is all good up to this point. He suggest other parent try this route - remembering that this is not hypnosis. WHAT? The tape part is all good, but why is it not hypnosis? He goes on to explain this. It is not hypnosis because when giving the suggestions, you as the parent, do not use commands or a commanding voice. You give gentle suggestions.


So therefore, is the definition for hypnosis something to the effect of: Hypnosis is a command issued to another during a relaxed state?

It is interesting to hear what the psychology world thinks about hypnosis. The odd notions that are batted about and then you have people like Dr. Eimer and Dr. Peterson who utilize it in their practices in a very positive way, very worthy of a hurrah from those who only practice it.

Perhaps I am not being fair to Dr. Cayce. He is the grandson of Edgar Cayce. If you ever look at any of the Cayce Readings of which Edgar Cayce gave when in a state of hypnosis, his conductor (nice word) used commanding language. And I am not judging Dr. Cayce's utilization of hypnosis. I suspect if he does use it in his practice, he's probably brilliant. His use of suggestion with his daughter is a wonderful story, but a rose by any other name is still a rose.

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