Friday, August 10, 2007

A Resource in the Sea of Dreams

Well folks, I may not be able to make a post on Esoteric Saturday this week. At the moment it looks like I will be away from computer access tomorrow. I suspect I may miss it more than you. LOL.

I often do self-appointed research projects for various clients. Some times a little push toward their goals lets them know that someone is paying attention to their dreams, and they can take or leave the information (often web sites or local businesses or organizations). So, I guess I will just pass along the latest.

Often people seek my services during times of big change or to begin the process (obviously). They come for one thing and it may turn out to be the catalysis for other changes. Changing jobs is a big one I often see. And then there are the people who dream of starting a business or opening a restaurant. The problem is, where does one get the capital for this type of venture? Many seem to get stuck on concepts like getting a business loan (which can be daunting) and have no idea where to begin. I often recommend local Chambers of Commerces or The Small Business Administration.

But here is a potential resource or at least a starting place. It is a company called ARF (Advance Restaurant Finance, LLC). They offer restaurant finance help, as well as short term loans for merchants in the U.S. Their target clients are small to medium sized merchants. Based in California, they have been in business since 2001. Though I have not used them personally, they seem pretty straight forward. An concept that they mention is a tip that the interest paid on a business loan is tax deductible, which further lowers the net effective rate of the loan. If you are wondering what I just said, better to hear it from an expert in finance, but it sounds like it is good news for those starting small businesses. And gosh knows, as a small business owner myself, we need all the help we can get.

It appears that their loans are short term and flexible. This is really handy if you run a seasonal-based business (like the ice-cream parlor one of my clients is starting) and need some extra capital to get you through the lean months.

So, its just an idea to let you know what is out there.

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