Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Business Resource

We have talked about this before, but I figured I would continue talking about the actual business of being a professional hypnotist. Running your own business means setting your own schedule, being responsible for everything from keeping the toilets clean to marketing, and paying for the privilege of doing business. Sure, you can start out inexpensively (and I am always one to look at all the options because sometimes what you think will be inexpensive, turns out to be very costly).

Finance wise, I started out without a business loan, though I occasionally consider it with thoughts of expansion (hence what the driving force behind this posting). No, I took perhaps a more expensive route (see there it is…trying to do something inexpensively and it rears its ugly head to become finically exhaustive), I used credit cards. Please note that I am not giving advice here, just telling you the glib facts about the transparent hypnotist. It is also why words like APR have significant meaning for me. I thought it would be easier and less invasive than a loan.

The thing that saved me from insane debt was learning as much about finance as I could. When I realized how fast the credit card debt can go, it gained my full attention. I began reading fine print (with reading glasses on) and made sure I understood the concepts involved. I transfered some balances to cards with better rates and deals, and stuck to the plan for getting out of debt.

The other thing I did was find resources of information. One such resource is at This site offers a fair amount of readable insight into various forms of finance and loans, including what to look for, hidden problems and warning signs.

So if you are thinking about starting a business, do research as many sources as you can. You may know all about depth levels, but do you know about interest rates?

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