Friday, May 25, 2007

Crack Pot Remedies

Another quick tale or more about a post from two weeks ago. We'll save ducks for another time.

I spent last week looking for a copper bracelet. Yep, the cheap (but pretty, really) kind. Why? Have I gotten tired of the traditional metals in my life? Being an industrial girl, one never really tires from any type of metal. So, no, that's not it.

Rather, it is an attempt to make my body feel a little bit better. I decided in the spirit of open mindedness to go to an intuitive healer (I mentioned this in a past post) just to see what it is exactly that they do. I was led through a guided meditation involving a tour of the mind. Leaking copper pipes played a huge role. So the intuitive healer "suggested" I add a little copper to my life and hence the quest for a cooper bracelet.

Since that time, I have engaged in the quest, going to what a friend of mine calls the crack pot remedy section of every pharmacy I pass. Well, sure enough in a small pharmacy I found a cooper bracelet (with magnets), sure enough, not in the jewelry department, but in a section with magnets, herbal extracts and large funky sunglasses.

Are you wondering if this "crack pot" remedy really helped? I'll tell you even if you are not - YES, indeed it did help. The most noticeable change that has occurred in the four days that I have been wearing it is that my hand and wrist were sore from using a track pad on my lap top (I didn't take the mouse with me on my retreat) and the soreness has gone away. For those of you who are thinking that it would heal with time, I continued to exacerbate my hand and wrist by constant use of the track pad and not the mouse.

Is it the cooper? Is it the magnets? Is it a placebo effect? Or perhaps, is it a "suggestion" from the intuitive that it would make me feel better?


Lee Darrow said...

The change in discomfort could stem from a number of different sources: placebo, your shifted awareness of the position of your wrist and hand as you work the keyboard, minor absorption of the metal through your skin (unlikely) or the magnets causing a small shift in your neural responses (also unlikely).

But the bottom line is that you have relief.

The test will be to see how long that relief lasts - and that will also let you measure which of the possibilities you may be dealing with.


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I will keep you posted on the effects.