Saturday, August 25, 2007

Warning: This Esoteric Saturay Could Be Offensive

One of my guilty pleasures is South Park. Now I have done it. I have ruined my my nice-girl-next-door image, haven't I? Oddly, at various times, I find myself referencing this show. Someone will be telling me something about New Age ideas or conspiracy theories, and South Park just seems to come to mind.

Anyway, they reran this episode this week. The Super Adventure's Club is probably one of their most offensive episodes dealing with almost unmentionable issues. This was the one the creators aired when Chef, the voice of Issac Hayes, was being written off the show (Hayes was offended by another episode making fun of Scientology, those poor put upon people).

If the pedophile notions expressed in the show do not offend you, then this part of the episode just might. It is yet another barb at hypnosis, where someone pulls out a spiral and tries to hypnotize the youngsters. It of course does not work, so I guess it really is not that much of a barb.

Esoteric enough for you?


Paul said...

I've liked South Park since episode one, so I guess I'll step on some toes and flat out say: they've never done anything that offends me, but then again I go into each episode that I watch knowing it's parody and sarcasm of near-infinite proportions to start with. :)

I haven't seen it in a long time, so I probably won't catch the one you mentioned, Ellie.

One notable TV show that I caught in the past few years that did irk me - but didn't offend since I know better - was the Penn & Teller episode of their Showtime series and I won't mention the name for good taste purposes (me? good taste? Hell must be cold today...)

Anyway, they did an episode where they bashed hypnosis in every way, shape, and form. I lost a lot of respect for those guys in that episode, really. They did an interview with Wendi (Friesen), one of the most notable and popular hypnotists of our time, and they trashed her left and right. I'm sure after the show aired she was plenty peeved about it since they took most everything she said or did completely out of context.

Bleh... anything to make a buck these days. I tell ya...

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I have never actually seen the Penn and Teller show,but I have heard about it. I have talked to people who said that show formed their ideas about hypnosis. Now I am concerned. Poor Wendy!

Philolog said...

I have never watched a whole episode of South Park. My son watches several cartoons on TV and occasionally I watch with him. Now I know why the myths do not go away. They are brought to life (animation, anyway) by Jimmy Neutron, Roly Poly Olie, and George and Martha. We need to expose these inaccuracies and counteract them with positive messages, so let's produce our own show!!!

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

What a great idea! Hmmm...I like this idea of creating our own show. You know, Romper Room had a hypnotic quality about it (I say this as I was a fan in my youth). Where to begin...any thoughts?