Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Question of Audio

No coffee just yet, Yikes.

So, in this foggy hazy, the Sunday question is:

Do you record your hypnosis sessions and give your clients a copy of the session?

I do this, though it is a bit of a pain (I record digitally and make a
CD). Sometimes I think this is a good idea because it is all there so
the client has no need to wonder so much about what happened. Many
never listen to the tape, but some do apparently. They seem to think
this will help with "reinforcement" no matter if we go through the pre-talk
about how that will not be necessary. The "more is better concept," I
guess. And for these types, I seem to eventually hear "it doesn't work
so well."

I know a lot of hypnotists do record their sessions. I know others who just give relaxation CDs.

Any thoughts?


Paul said...

My belief is that such a recording might (and that's a big if there) contain information revealed by the unconscious that simply isn't meant for the conscious mind to be aware of - so in that respect I would never provide a client with a recording of a session.

If I were to record sessions (I don't but it's always been something I've considered) I would explain to the client up front during the pre-talk that the recording is part of the therapy and as such would remain in my custody after the session. It's as much to protect them as I described above as it is to protect me from something coming back to haunt me in the future in terms of legal issues, possible false accusations, etc.

When you go to your regular doctor or perhaps a psychiatrist or psychologist, do you ask for a copy of your file/record? Some people do, but the overwhelming majority don't, and even if you did most of the time the professional should say "No" right off the bat and always stick to his or her guns.

If the pre-talk is done right it'll cover all the bases as required, and the client will leave knowing whether the session was successful or not and won't need "proof" in the form of such a recording. But again, those are my beliefs, and mine alone.

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks, Paul.