Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life in Iconograpghy

Before I read the New York Times article earlier today, I had a notion to write about positive thoughts. So, indulge me if you will, as I find yet another way to actively procrastinate from task I really need to accomplish. LOL.

There are a couple of reasons why positive thoughts bubbled into my consciousness upon waking: one being the obvious negativity on certain forums and the second being the negativity people seem to elate in while reviewing others. I will not preach to the choir (cause I know, I just know you who read this are more positive minded), but I often wonder why there is such glee in putting down others. The character Anton Ego, the food critic in Rattialloue addresses this most eloquently. I wish I had the quote, it is so perfect. Basically he says that critics enjoy writing bad reviews because people love reading bad reviews.

Then I wonder....is this really true? For me, I would say not. When I read someone's words who are predominantly negative, I stop reading. What about you?

And back to the subject from yesterday and the day before on paintball - yes I wrote a rave review. Most of my reviews tend to be that way. Now if I do have a truly negative experience I might share that, but in general, I try to go into most things with a positive mind. If I do not like it and it is of no real consequence to mention it, I probably will not. In the case of the paintball review, there were a few sites that were too slow, too confusing and unfriendly for the novice. I chose instead to focus on the positive experience.

So, I have decided to try something a bit fun and whimsical. I am going to track my attitudes by rating my day. Thanks to I Rate My Day, this seems to be an easy enough task. Yes, perhaps the icons are a little cartoonish, but hey, I still relish a good animated film. Just think of them as iconographic. You will notice on the right column of this blog, I have it available for those who may be interested. It might be a good forewarning about the tones of my post. LOL. It looks like this:

Click here to read my rating!

And yes, like cartoons and other such fancies, I also have a love of cool toys to include on the blog. I like this one because it is a chance to spread some positive energy out into cyberspace, or perhaps to receive it if your day is not going so well. If you click on the widget, it gives you a chance to comment. So you could in fact, make someone's day.

I notice they are also running a contest to win a Microsoft Zune media player. To participate you must do the following:
  • have an account on IRateMyDay (it's free)
  • enter by completing this registration form before July 31th;(hurry, hurry, hurry)
  • if you have a blog: invite four friends and install the IRateMyDay widget on your site (like the one above and we can rate our days together).
  • if you don't have a blog: invite 10 friends;
  • have evaluated your day at least 30 days throughout the contest.
Once you register, the contest ends on August 31, 2007.


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