Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ellie's Favorite Five - Let's Take A Vacation

Ellie needs a vacation. January has just plum tuckered her out, but alas there is no reprieve insight for awhile (well that's not right, there are a few road trips planned for a few weekends, but I want it now. LOL). So, to help me refuel my batteries and with hopes that this will help you as well, I decided to list my current favorite five vacation scripts. For those non-hypnotists who read this, I recommend Robert Hughes' By the Sea because it has almost everything one needs to have a full hypnosis experience, except a recorder.

Ellie's Favorite Five

Silvia Hartmann - Ice River. Reading like poetry, this visualization takes a winter scene and turns it into a mystical experience. Silvia refers to this experience as a "hypodream," differentiating it from regular hypnosis because it does not seek earthly results (weight loss, smoking cessation, and so on). It has a bit of New Age thrown in and seeks to help those interested with Lucid Dreaming and entering the psychic realms. It is a vacation from the ordinary.

Robert Hughes - Relaxation by the Sea. This is a fully encompassing script that is originally suggested for creating your own, personal hypnosis audio. It involves an induction, a countdown deepener, and even physical response. The imagery is gorgeous and very soothing.

Christine Davies - Holiday Stroll. This is a beautiful walk that one might take when staying at a hotel. It has lovely guided imagery of a garden and then a beach. This would require another induction and deepener or could be used for imagery work itself.

Wayne F. Perkins - A One Minute Vacation. Who cannot use a one minute vacation? This is a self-hypnosis relaxation exercise that allows the participant to choose the vacation or place of peace. It is very permissive.

Ron Stubbs - A Mental Vacation. I include this because it is extremely similar to Wayne Perkins' One Minute Vacation. There are only slight modifications. I am not sure which script came first, but it is a good example of either Universal Consciousness or influence. They are interesting in their slight differences.

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