Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from Beyond

What a fantastic Sunday Question! Huge thanks to Michael Raugh for being the Transparent Hypnotist's first guest blogger! Hopefully we will see more of Michael here. And Debbie, thanks for answering the question. Anyone else, please feel free to answer it.

I am still getting my hypnotist head on for the week after recuperating in the mountains. It was quite relaxing and strange not being near a computer, no cell phone service, and no television (thought there was indoor plumbing and electricity). It takes one back to basics. So, I practiced a lot of healing self-hypnosis and guided meditation. When you come back from something like that, it is as though, on return to the everyday, everything is shiny and new.

I am contemplating this week's poll around Michael's question and should have that up and running much sooner than I did last week's.

Also, my apologies for no Esoteric Saturday. I sent the post through the time cave, but it is now adrift and alone in cyberspace, its exact location unknown.

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