Sunday, March 2, 2008

Adrenaline of Anticipation

Magic. There is magic in the form of the unknown - in packages to be opened, letters unread, and oyster shells. Call it a combination of potential and hope. It is in the adrenaline of anticipation.

This is a bit of free form posting here, but I have been working on potential guided imagery to enhance the idea of hope and the positive energy (I realize the potential of expectation can also happen but that is a problem to be worked around). Hope can really propel something forward. So, I am in search of a metaphor for things that "open," and hence I come back to the oyster shell idea. There is romance in the concept of finding an unopened oyster shell and opening it up to find a pearl (or at least the beginnings of a tasty treat), but what one is really opening up is an oyster shell of hope or anticipation. There is something to this, glimmering and almost ready to come forth.

And I know this is potentially an awkward sort of thing for some because oysters may signify a health risk. However, if one is educated, Gulf oysters and such, can be a positive experience. The Be Oyster Aware web site provides a lot of information about oysters, oyster processing, and addresses health concerns.

Now I realize not everyone who hears my guided visualization will have access to this web site, but it gives me a place to direct those who are concerned. And yes, I am concerned with those who might find oyster imagery stressful. The visualization would have an opposite affect upon these types of people. It is not fear I want to perpetuate but hope.

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