Monday, February 4, 2008

Just a Monday

Well, it seems as though I did not accomplish very much on my list for last week. Perhaps planning so ahead is not the way to go on such a blog as this. It so easy to get caught up in the rapture of blogging, it is easy to forget that I still see clients. LOL. (I would never actually forget that). So suffice to say that we will continue the road of forms of hypnosis and the normal stuff, 10 Questions, Esoteric Saturday, and the Sunday Question. Whatever happens beyond that will be icing on the cake, though I am trying to get more regular with Ellie's Favorite Five. I am just about over the slight negativity from the last time I did it (odd response to linking to someone else). Yes, I am sensitive and as I do this for fun, it takes a little longer to recoup sometimes.

So, look for the new poll soon, and also we start The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain today on The Unwinding Path.

Happy Monday.

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