Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Far East of Here

Chicory coffee and Beignets - that is where my heart is this Fat Tuesday morning. While the rest of the States are geared up for Super Tuesday, I am not. I am sitting here, trying to get myself motivated to go vote and there is a certain detachment that has occurred within my being, almost like low-grade depression. It seems a waste to put Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday on the same day. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Perhaps it is that I am still a bit bummed about missing Hypnoticon last weekend or the realization that I probably will not make it Vegas for Solid Gold either, too much going on to be able to get away, but I really think a change of perspective would be good about now. But not to addle you with my own half-empty thoughts today, I can pinpoint my issues.

I have a client I am working with who has a fabulous trip planned to the Far East (is that still PC or is the term out of favor?). In between the wonderful travel itinerary and exoticness of it all, there is a world of anxiety. The long flights to Hong Kong, not speaking the language, and even the different diet are conflicting with her desire to travel. So, we are working on all this - enjoying the release from having to be in control during the flight and using that time for therapeutic rest and healing. This along with suggestion work on concentration and retention for learning the language, as well as self-permission to eat only what appeals and not feel forced to eat anything she finds distasteful, all serve to give her more pleasure once there. However I suspect once she gets caught up in the trip itself, she will be fine. It is just the pre-jitters and some other inner issues that are adding to her guilt in going (leaving the children with the grandparents for the first time) and such.

So as I work on pulling a program together for her, I get this slight pang and longing to be the one going on this trip.

But, it's Fat Tuesday. I will have and eat my king cake, too.

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