Saturday, February 9, 2008

Finally Esoteric HQ

Two aspirin, a glass of orange juice, and a heck of a lot of water and I am fine. Wondering if I am taking a cold or remedying a hangover? If you choose the latter, that would be correct. Please realize that I am neither promoting nor condemning alcohol, but push has come to shove and it was time to try HQ Hpnotiq for myself. My partner and I indulged in splitting a 375ml bottle last night so I could finally give a rundown on it for Esoteric Saturday. I mentioned it this past summer, but had not been able to experience it till now.

And the verdict? Why, it makes for a mighty fine aperitif. A little tart in its blend of vodka, cognac, and fruit juices. The liquid is indeed nuclear blue and the bottle is frosted glass. So what you see is what you drink.

Being a little excited, we decided to try some of the recipes on The first was Lemon-TIQ, which involves mixing HQ with some Lemoncello. It is served over ice. Personally, I prefer plain HQ. So that led to the Hpno-Grand Shot of HQ, comprised of grenadine, HQ and vodka. Not at all pleasant in my book. Needing to remove the taste, the last recipe we tried was by far the best - Hpnotiq Sangria. This recipe called for HQ, red wine and orange juice. Very nice and refreshing.

So, children do not try this at home. LOL. Well try it (if you are of legal drinking age), but maybe not indulging in such a variety of mixed drinks.

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