Thursday, March 6, 2008

X!#0!!!# Internet

I have recently had some Internet problems. My high-speed connection crawls, sometimes it goes down completely, or maybe it decides it has had enough of the transparent hypnotist. Rather than providing an advertising op for the company in question, I shant mention their name.

Like a rational person, I am surveying the playing field and looking at the competition. Oh how it flirts! In the fine art of seduction, the smooth velvety voice of temptation offers faster, faster, and so fast the page loads during my blink. And then, the sweet rustlings of interest begin - an auction for lifetime high-speed Internet. Now it does beg the question what is "life-time?" But, like most first blushes, these questions are pushed away with promises of winning a Nintendo® Wii™. Mmm. Golf at the office. Ellie's 18, perhaps?

Yes, I admit it; I am human (as we saw in today’s earlier post). I would love a Wii, but with everything else, I am not sure I could justify purchasing it. One could make an argument that after working with clients on sports motivation and concentration; they could use the game before the hypnosis session and after to see potential change? In theory, it is a cool idea, but I am not really sure how the Wii translates into reality.

Wondering how I went from the Internet to the Wii? Did I mention that Charter High-Speed® Internet is sponsoring this contest to win the Wii and also the auction for lifetime Internet.

Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!

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