Monday, February 18, 2008

Needing New Music

It is good to be back at home, drinking Darjeeling today. A little change seems to go a long way. So here we are on a dark and gloomy (but warm) Monday morning.

For the last week or two I have been having flashes of needing to get of routine to freshen things up a bit in my life. And so I have. I changed teas, went adventuring on the weekend, and am now looking for new music. I use it in the background of some sessions and I try to always have something playing when clients first enter the office. Usually it is instrumental and calming. It also tends to be New Age. I tried jazz for a little while, and it seemed to stress out more than one client. Then there is the music that is familiar and distracts away from the session. Live and learn.

It has been a challenge finding background music. Little blips and spouts of samples in cyberville media help. Myspace has also been a good thing, though it gets tedious with interface and ads. Youtube is also another good source, but with social media ever expanding, one large database would be a nice change. rectifies this a bit. It ties in all various sites and collects information about various artists, so you can search for the type of music you desire and find bands, music or blogs (among other things). You can search the database for New Age music or what ever is your cup of tea. is relatively new, but it seems as though it could reduce search time because all the information is there in one place. Apparently, one of their partners is Epic Records, so this may also prove to be a launch pad for new music in general.

So, that is my morning - new music. Life is good.


Michael Raugh, C.H. said...

Ellie, I'm sure you probably already have these, but others might be interested in Teri Watts's royalty-free music compositions. I play these softly in the background during sessions to cover any incidental noises in the house and use them in the background when I make a recording.


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Actually I was not familiar with these particular one's, so huge thank you!