Monday, February 11, 2008

I Got Out of Bed

And so I have gotten out of bed again. The day smacks of being potentially too hurried, but maybe with a little deep breathing work, it will remain calm and casual. How does your day look?

Yesterday, my partner wanted to know what The Sunday Question was and he responded verbally. Pancakes. Pancakes help him to change things up and make life worth getting up in the morning. Now that is a nice answer. The question remains open for your response as well.

My answer? I try to avoid too much ritual in general. I try to not confine myself too much to any box, except for those that I find most pleasant. I blog in the mornings, have my coffee or tea and figure out the rest of the day at that point. That is the plus side of owning your own business. Others do not dictate your work hours. I go the office when I have clients or just need some quiet time. It is rarely ever the same.

Interesting poll results on Would You Let a Stranger that You Just Met Hypnotize You on the Street? So far the majority says "No." Perhaps I should have included a question about stage hypnosis. Ah, there I think we have a new poll. Just give me a few...

Tentative upcoming plans for the blog this week:

  1. Who the heck is Hippolyte Bernheim?
  2. Another variation of the definition of hypnosis
  3. Maybe, just maybe another of my favorite five somethings
  4. 10 Questions with Adam Eason

And of course, we must not forget Esoteric Saturday and The Sunday Question. Animal hypnosis is still high on my list, but it needs time to do it properly. In our discussion on forms of hypnosis, we are still on the divergent history of the French Schools.

Also, on The Unwinding Path, I am still on the second chapter of The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, but I did post my pre-reading-the-book-drawings over the weekend.

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