Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Problematic Potential Client

There you are, all peaceful and grateful for the air you are currently breathing. Perhaps you are afraid to be too hopeful, yet, most things are well in your world. Then something large or small shatters it and you are left wondering - what the HELL happened? Does this ring true for anyone else?

Well this recently happened to me after an initial visit with a potential new client. He came to discuss the possibility of me hypnotizing him for smoking cessation. I have always been very respectful of those who choose this route of consultation rather than just making an appointment for the session itself. It gives both of us an opportunity to know if we want to work together. And I just realized as I typed those very words, that this is indeed the case - we both get to decide.

At first I was going to use this post to rant about how he was completely distasteful and would probably not be a great client - I am not so sure he is capable of listening to my suggestions. My impression from our meeting is that he was more curious about hypnosis (in a skeptical kind of way with ideas of disproving it) and about not letting a "female" take control of him (even though I tried in vain apparently- to explain that the hypnotist is never in control of the client and that if he does not believe it will work, it probably will not).

There is always a pang of something when I realize I may not be able to help someone who seeks my services, but I suspect this man (my polite side wants to call him a gentleman, but the truth side of my consciousness is unable to do so) would be wasting his money. Yuck.

So rather than the vent session I had thought this would be, what I have come to realize in writing this, is that I do not have to accept him as a client and that is just fine.

Yuck and good riddance.


Michael Raugh, C.H. said...

I haven't had one of those yet, fortunately. If you can, Ellie, I'd love to know what his answer was when you asked him why, given his apparently unshakable attitudes about hypnosis, did he come to a hypnotist?


Annie said...

Bravo!!!! I wish I had used that same train of thought with some of my clients. I work in the travel industry and it seems everyone wanted to pick my brain and have me do all the work, then not take the good advice I gave them. People!!!!! I try to make everyone happy, but I am learning that I have to be happy to actually rub off on someone else!!
Good For You!!!