Monday, July 30, 2007

The Weekend Themes

Since there was little response to yesterday's question of the week (but there is still plenty of time), I am presenting the same question as our poll topic, to which I hope you will respond. It is even more anonymous than posting your words on the comment section of the blog. And yes, I am aware that it is a touchy subject or seems to be when brought up in any group situations.

But I shall leave it to you and take another sip of my ginger peach tea. Very soothing to the throat, you know. There that's better.

My partner has teased me mercilessly (well once) about my Saturday posting on paintball. He says that the fact that I know so little about it hardly gives me the right to expound so enthusiastically about a specific company. I understand this, but if you dear readers recall, I was challenged to learn more about paintball. I went to many sources (thank you and found the one mentioned to be one of the most helpful because of their online chat person, who patiently explained the pros and cons or various accessories (I compared this information to reviews I had read and most of it seemed to jive). And I did not want to go into the various types of paintball warfare out there. That would be like my partner telling me what techniques to use for my self-hypnosis section of the workshop. But I am hoping he will choose a more woodsball to speedball type of game.

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