Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More About Child-birth and Hypnosis

This seems like a great topic to explore for awhile and for those of you who used hypnosis during your pregnancy (or your partner's) or for those who facilitate hypnosis in such situations, please respond to this. I am fairly inexperienced in parts of this subject, so please do not hesitate to add your comments and such.

My experience is working with fears and phobias related to pregnancy, not the actual birthing process. With conception, there seems to be a certain amount of anxiety or self-esteem issues - will I be a good mother/father, I come from an abusive childhood and do not want that for my child, what if I am not healthy enough, how will I deal with the pain, and many more along this line. I have found that release techniques are great for this.

I looked up the subject of hypnosis and pregnancy and came across an interesting form of hypnosis that is a body-centered approach, as practiced by Dr. Gayle Peterson. I have written to her about explaining her approach for us as it sounds wonderful. Hopefully, I will hear from her soon.

She wrote an interesting snippet for iVillage about this. The premise is that using dissociative hypnosis (often used in pain management hypnosis) is not that helpful during labor because labor ebbs and flows, ever changing. Peterson's model seeks to accept the pain,"diving" into it interestingly enough, rather than avoiding it.

Do any of you have any experience with this?


Paul said...

While I myself specifically don't have experience with childbirthing and hypnosis, one of my best "clients" does - and believe it or not, we've never met face to face. :)

She's been a friend of mine going on a few years now. I originally helped her to resolve some abuse issues in her past and she's taken humongous strides towards becoming the best person she can be. Last year she was married to an outstanding gentleman, and this year she had her first child - and the child shares my birthday so that became a pretty special thing to me. If we'd never met she may still be in that abusive situation and her new life might never have started at all.

Anyway, she used a lot of the relaxation and pain control techniques related with hypnosis work along with her husband during the entire time she was in labor - and all the doctors and nurses that assisted in the procedure were flabbergasted at how "easy" the entire birthing process went.

So that's my "experience" with childbirthing an hypnsosis so far. A client that took everything I've taught them and their own experience and turned it into a win-win situation for the birth of her new child.

Pretty cool stuff, indeed. :)

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Hello Paul!!! Good to hear from you! This is awesome. So, she didn't specifically use child-birthing hypnosis, but just what you had taught her before?

It's always good to hear about clients who utilize what they have been given.

Paul said...

Yah, all the "things" I'd taught her over the past few years came to bear on her experience once the labor actually set in. Everyone involved simply couldn't believe how smoothly the whole process went, and from what I understand the doctors involved made some mention that they would most certainly be doing some research into hypnosis and how it relates in the future.

All's well that ends well in this case. :)