Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is Sunday a good day to think about licencing garbage?

Dr. Eimer's article that I posted last Friday has been tickling my brain a bit. He was very kind in accepting my edit to his article (about finding a licenced health care person). Perhaps you have a feel of where I am going with this Sunday question. Are you thinking, oh no, Ellie, don't go there?

Yep, I am going there.

Here is the question:

What are your thoughts on making hypnosis a licenced industry, rather than one that emphasizes certification, but does not require it?

I am probably speaking more toward those in the United States, but would love to hear about how the U.K. and other countries view this idea as well. I also believe there may be some states that require hypnosis to be practiced by licenced professional, so thoughts from those of you dealing with this would be welcomed as well.

I have heard many arguments for and against it. Am I correct in thinking that the states that require licencing in the U.S., required that one have a medical or counseling background? I admit there are times when I think it might be good to follow in the massage therapist licencing, where one could be a hypnotist and be licenced just for that.

One argument in which I have enjoyed listening is why one would want to go to a hypnotist as opposed to a psychologist who uses hypnosis in therapy. The argument for the hypnotist is that we are so focused into consciousness study and methods, we are not spread out with other therapy concerns. We have more focus.

So, your turn.

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