Monday, July 23, 2007

Pregnancy Concepts

Using hypnosis for various pregnancy issues is a hot topic. There is hypno-birthing (utilizing hypnosis for pain control during actual labor), Lamaze self-hypnosis techniques, stress reduction for better conception practices, stress reduction for the pregnancy duration, stress relief for partners, self-confidence for the entire process and probably many more things (feel free to add to this list if you would like).

As a hypnotist occasionally working with this topic, I often run across people who have little or no health insurance. This can be a real problem if you are considering pregnancy, having trouble becoming pregnant, or actually having the baby. Many people come to me hoping that I will be an alternative to health insurance, of which I am NOT! In the pregnancy scenario for sure, I am complimentary to traditional medicine.

So, in trying to help these clients, I have done some research into maternity health care concepts and thought this might be of interest to others in similar situations. One particular web site seems to be fairly helpful (for those of you with clients without internet availability, suggest that they utilize their neighborhood library) is Maternity Health Insurance, known as Reproductive Access Solutions. RAS helps many women find solutions for their individual needs, especially with "Moms in the Middle" - women who do not have great maternity benefits from their employers or do not qualify for maternity health insurance.

The RAS web site is easily navigated, not cluttered, and concise. They ask for those interested to fill out a form, which includes a telephone number and email so that the person needing benefits can be called and helped individually. To quote their web site, they help with:

Identifying reproductive health resources for women who are seeking financial help.
RAS not only helps with just financial concepts, but is a network of information and advice.

So please do pass this on to those who may need this service. If I come across them in my business, surely many of you do as well.

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