Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday Question - Client Suggestions

The Sunday question is when hypnotizing others do the suggestions you give affect you? In other words, do you find yourself experiencing the outcome the clients' hypnosis?

Personally, a lot of my clients come to me with changes they internally want to make that are removed enough from me that I would never know if the suggestions I give would affect me. I am not a smoker, not currently addicted to anything (well, that may not be completely true - there is the morning coffee and or tea, but no one has ever come to me for caffeine issues), among others.

However, what I do notice is that when working with weight loss clients, I occasionally get personal benefit. It is usually with suggestions for eating only when the body needs food, not so much the mind. I find my snacking goes way down, as do my portion sizes.

How about you?


Anonymous said...

What would Sunday be without the Sunday Question? Perhaps it doesn't qualify as an addition, but it's at least a habit. ;^)

Right offhand I don't remember experiencing effects from a client's session. But I do tend to go into trance with the client, and I have caught myself responding to suggestions I give during a session once or twice -- usually it'll be something like my arm floating upwards while I'm suggesting that behavior to the client as a convincer. It's a little spooky when it happens but I get used to it.

- Michael Raugh, C.H.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Oh, that's fun! I too, sometime have to think really hard about the number 6. LOL. Missed you last week!