Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Group Hypnosis - Connections

So, were you with me? Did we connect?

After awaking, throwing on my Yoga pants and a t-shirt, sitting in the dampness of the new morning, I spent the first thoughts of the day in meditation, working on firing the grid. The morning was so quiet,except for the crickets and some deer in the field beyond the house. The solitude was as ever, very nice, just me and the morning...and maybe thousands of other people. I began to wonder who else was sitting in contemplation of healing the earth at the same moment. Such thoughts often filtered through and for a moment, I actually felt the connectedness, not just to the wood on the porch under me, but to all those who were doing the same thing. There was a slight sensation of euphoria with this thought, a lifting of the burdens, a breath of hope in what feels like an inevitable course of time.

And so, this turned into the theme of today's post - the invisible processes of the group dynamic. Not really knowing what I would write about, the cup of tea and me have made it to this point.

The idea of groups intrigues me and I wonder about its potential. If you are a "Universal Consciousness" believer, it seems like group hypnosis could be very powerful with under currents running the gamut from intuitive support to helping with feelings canceling out loneliness. I wonder about the whole vibration or frequency concept with groups. I know little about the psychics involved with vibration or frequency, but it seems like they could be elevated by a group of simpatico souls (Yes, I have also just read The Tenth Insight and yes, I read the whole thing but did not enjoy it nearly as much as The Celestine Prophecy).

Before this morning, I might not have actually been aware of the potential of group hypnosis, perhaps did not understand it at all. I know it is not a new concept, it is just something that has been enigma to me. I think I will let this rest for now and come back to it tomorrow.

Hope your day is peaceful.

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