Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Forum Answer to the Sunday Question of the Week

For those readers who are not on the same various hypnosis forums I frequent, I thought it would be good to start posting some of the response to Sunday questions receive there.

This is from AlienGiblet in response to the question about whether hypnotists benefit from the suggestions they give their clients:

I used to do a dull repetitive job. While working I used to practice framing hypnotic suggestions in different ways, direct, indirect, authoritative, permissive, content and process. Sometimes while doing this for suggestions like felling warm or time distortion I would notice myself responding to the suggestions.

I figured that doing a repetitive rhythmic physical activity while being deep in thought I entered a trance state to some degree and this increased my response to suggestion. I know of some hypnotists who claim that when they are working with a client they are almost as deep as the client.

Do you think you may be hypnotizing your self along with your clients? I think that if your unconscious mind regards the suggestions as relevant and helpful to you it may accept them.
Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! And yes, I do agree that often while hypnotizing someone, the hypnotist may benefit from relevant suggestions.

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