Monday, July 16, 2007

Firing the Grid

This morning, indulging in the absolute laziest of ways, I have microwaved yesterday's leftover coffee and am enjoying its cloying, thickness at the moment. Some how it fits this groggy Monday.

I have just checked my email and discovered a few emails about "Fire the Grid." Have you heard about this? Though it is not directly related to hypnosis, it is related to positive thinking and meditation. It is the idea of a world-wide healing through positive thought (meditation) and an invitation to anyone who wants to participate. It begins tomorrow at 11:11 GMT.

I think I am going to do this. I hope you will as well.

I am quoting one email for the rest of this so that you can better understand:

This is Shelly Yates' amazing story about her near-death experience of drowning with her son, and both of them being revived in order to facilitate this important global opportunity. They died for over 30 minutes and yet, miraculously came back to life. She is now on assignment from Heaven to orchestrate a Universal healing for Mother Earth on July 17 at 11:11 GMT.

In the words of Shelley Yates "Whatever method you choose to use, or who you choose to sit with: the ultimate defining moment for each of us during this window of opportunity is, "Are we holding love and optimism in our hearts as this cosmic event facilitates our vibrational uplifting?"

Each human is to participate in his or her own way with acceptance for where each of us lives in our consciousness (spiritual) journey. Use the method, prayer, meditation, thought, intention, or whatever best brings you peace and joy, and give thanks and gratitude for life and for this experience, keeping your heart light and filled with joy and/or gratitude and love, for this significant hour. Two or more gathering together will amplify the intention and connection. "It is the gratitude that will fire the grid and you will consciously place your vote among millions for the direction we wish our world to move the heart and allow the spiraling filaments of golden, "liquid light" that live in the aura around human fill you."

* * * If you are unable to participate during this hour, Shelley recommends the following: "Simply write a note to your inner being, no matter what name you give that inner being, it could be soul or God-force or merely my inner self. Write your inner being a letter giving that inner piece of yourself permission to connect with the grid of spiritual light on your behalf on July 17 at 4:11 PDT. On this earthly plane we continue to have free will and therefore we must give our inner being permission to connect on our behalf. THEN, simply state the things that bring you joy and bliss ~ and give thanks for those moments. Clearly state your intention to manifest the world we desire then sign your note to leave your personal energy with your intention. Then go to bed or work or what ever task you must do and be assured that your soul will register your vote by firing your inner system and uniting it with the many, many people who will be joining us on that day with the intention to create a peaceful and loving world.......allowing the natural harmony and grace of life to flourish."

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