Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Are you going to the NGH (National Guild of hypnotist) conference coming up in August? Or are you just like me and have not been able to commit to going (I know, sad, sad, sad). I am just getting to the point where I am really considering it, but know that reservations probably will not happen at the conference hotel. So, I have decided to enlist the help of the internet and thought I would share.

In researching the cost and details of this trip (Marlboro, Mass.), I narrowed the playing field down by going to Hotel Discounts, known as HotelReservations.com. Everything you need to make travel arrangements seems to be centrally located on the main page. It is all there. Flights. Hotels. Rental cars. These are the standards, but this site also includes options for condo rentals, vacation rentals, and more. Though there is a lot of information on the main page, if you just take a deep breath and pay attention, this is a great way to arrange travel, plus it is very competitive price-wise with its competition.

It seems to be right in line with the other sites; sometimes the same, sometimes a little more, but often lower. I was especially please that it offered discount rates to various bed and breakfast (my personal preference).

For those who are not native to English speaking countries and prefer to make their hotel reservations, flights, rental decisions in their native language, this site actually offers corresponding web pages for a variety of other countries. In other words, you are not forced to stumble through the English language and can research travel in your preferred language.

And if you are like me and may need to change or cancel your reservations, there is no charge from this site to do so. A few years ago, during a family emergency, I ended up changing holiday plans at the last minute and was charged a few extra hundred dollars by another discount hotel site, so this is a nice to see.

I thought sharing this information might be helpful to those of you considering going to the NGH conference in August or for any of your travel needs.

And do let me know if you are going.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be in Marlboro next month, absolutely. This will be the first time I've stayed at the convention hotel, though. Made my reservations way back when the dates were first announced.

Mind you, there are a lot of hotels in Marlboro. Most of them look perfectly fine, are conveniently close to the convention hotel, and cost a lot less. I'm not entirely sure the premium for being in the same building is worth it; my experience this time out will likely determine whether I do it again or go back to nearby lodging.

And Ellie, you know I'll be crushed if you don't come, right? ;^)

-Michael Raugh, C.H.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I stayed at the ocnvention hotel last year and was glad I did. Room service was wonderful (I heard it was awful the year before). And it was nice to be able to go up to the roomto just chill out periodically.

And Michael, I would hate to crush you! But then I would lose all my mystique. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Last year was the first time the convention was held in Marlboro instead of Nashua. That likely explains the difference in room service.

I did most of my chilling out in the lobby area. It's surprisingly easy to find a quiet spot despite the level of activity during the day.

One downside of the new place, at least last year, was the service in the lobby cafe. One day I sat down by myself to order a sandwich and by the time it came I had a small group of people sitting with me waiting for their simple take-out orders to be filled -- we're talking 45 minutes. Sure, I got to meet a bunch of cool people that way, but it doesn't say much for the cafe!

Aw, c'mon, Ellie ... how much mystique does "The Transparent Hypnotist" really need? ;^)

-Michael Raugh, C.H.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

It is good to know about the lobby, as a quiet space.

I had heard a lot of complaints about the food service, though. the room service seemed to get by that to some degree.

But Michael, if you actually met me, you might find that this is rather mundane. And perhaps the ability to be transparent with our words might diminish. ;)