Friday, June 1, 2007


I'm a bit miffed at the moment, so the coffee is bitter.

One of my hypno friends sent me an email. It seems that another hypnotist in her town mentioned that the requirements to be and maintain the status of a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists is bogus. He says all he does is pay the dues. Apparently, he thinks this is just fine.

This irritates me on so many levels. When I went for my training to be certified, it never occurred to me that I could skip the process, nor have I personally found any evidence supporting his claim. And seriously, with the missions of the Guild and other such organizations, a big part of it is to try to bring a level of professionalism to the trade. Why would you even want to by pass those requirements? They make it fairly simple to get the necessary continuing education classes, so I don't get it.

Though I do believe the Guild may have a membership that isn't about certification or remaining so, maybe the guy in question has had that all along?

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Anonymous said...


For the record (because I know that you know this already, Ellie) NGH requires a minimum number of hours of continuing education annually to maintain membership as a Certified Hypnotist. It's very easy to get that and more by attending the annual conference in August, which is partly why I go.

There was one year, though, when I just couldn't make the conference. NGH would not process my renewal until I provided them with documentation that I had met the continuing education requirement. Sure, I was a little annoyed at the time because that meant finding receipts and writing abstracts and whatnot to prove the point, but at the same time I was glad to know they weren't simply going to take my word for it.

Perhaps your friend's friend is a regular convention attendee and has forgotten that they meet the continuing ed requirement that way. Though even then I'm not a fan of them badmouthing NGH. (Or any of the many other similar organizations.)

-Michael Raugh, C.Ht.
(NGH member)