Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Right Stuff

In an email yesterday, I was asked very discreetly (and thank you for that) if I was perhaps providing my clients with leading questions that would provoke a "right" answer. This is a really good question and is definitely worth dedicating a few words to it.

During the beginning process of getting to know clients, many hypnotists utilize test before actually doing an induction to get a feel for how clients process information. There are some hypnotist who do not do this, but I am one who does. As a client, one should always give a natural response to these even though it might be possible to intuit a supposed outcome. There are no right and wrong answers and hopefully the hypnotist will explain this. This testing can be anything from suggesting that the one's clenched hands are "stuck like glue" to seeing the reaction one has to the idea of sucking on a lemon.

During the session, the hypnotist should make it a habit to ask open-ended questions, knowing it is more important for clients to see personal patterns themselves and to also avoid the creation of false memories. Asking the who, how, what, where and when are great questions.

My advice to clients is to be as honest as possible for their own benefit. It does the hypnotist no good nor bad to hear an untruth that may get in the way of what they, the clients are wanting to accomplish.

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