Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Places of Energy

As you may know, I have just read The Celestine Prophecy (finished it last night) during my latest retreat. For the record, I really enjoyed it and think the message, though fiction, is profound.

After reading the section about certain areas having more energy than others, my thoughts began to harbor around the first "floater" migraine I experienced. I had been hiking through a virgin forest at the time and noticed floating amoebas inhibiting my sight. Amazingly enough I made it off the trail safely (miraculously avoiding stepping on a snake on the trail). And yes, for all those concerned, I did see a doctor and had a brain scan. They found nothing and diagnosed me with hormonal migraines.

But after reading the section about places having more energy, especially virgin forest, it made me wonder if there might be a correlation between my headaches and the energy. I also used to get headaches when I coming back to normal consciousness from experiencing hypnosis. Since then I have learned to ask for suggestions at the end for returning to normal consciousness with no head pain. That seems to help. I also used to get headaches when I would facilitate hypnosis in various people (usually those who had greater amounts of success with the hypnosis process). For this, before I go into a session I meditate and do self-hypnosis to keep my mind free of pain during the session. Has anyone else experienced this?

So, I have begun to wonder if my head pains have anything to do with Energy. Perhaps I am sensitive to it in a way that causes the pain? I have been told by energy workers that I need to not give so much of my energy to others or let it be taken from me.

Anyway, these are the thoughts of the day.


Ludwig said...

On the subject of headaches... I've been trying self-hypnosis to cope with social phobia/panic attacks. I've found it very effective except that I get these headaches.

When I'm in a "phobic" situation, I concentrate on my forehead, which I associate with the "will" to overcome the panic. This tends to induce the headache; and the headache often remains even after I'm back in solitude. The act of focussing on my forehead seems to leave an "echo" in my mind :\

But today I just told myself that I don't need to have headaches, that I don't need to be obsessively thinking about relaxing all the time, or worrying about headaches - and the headaches were barely there at all.

I wonder if I'm starting to learn that I can trust my subconscious to do what I want it to do, and that if I don't like something it's doing I just have to "tweak the program". It's all rather fascinating, I have to say.


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks for posting! Well, I'm glad the headaches are subsiding, and that you are finding relief with self-hypnosis.

As you say, it's all rather fascinating. Some people associate the subconscious mind with a little child. I really agree with this at times because it seems very unpredictable about just how it will accept hypnotic suggestions. So, tweaking is a really good thing. Speaking of unpredictable, did you read the postings about post hypnotic suggestions?