Monday, June 25, 2007

An Itch

Back with another cup of coffee, but I am being bad. I have left over whipping cream that is adding a lovely enhancement to the oridnary blackness of the beverage. You really should try it. It is especially nice on a muggy Monday morning.

Recently, I worked with a client on a series of different objectives. One day she stopped by the office (she checks in) and was suffering from a bug bite. It was itching her and though she had seen a doctor about it, it was taking some time to get the prescription in for her relief. Apparently, it was a maddening sort of irritation. I offered to do a rapid induction for itch relief until she had the medication in hand.

She surprised me when she said that she felt she does not go deep enough into hypnosis for this sort of thing. So, I did not press it other than just offering it (and doing it as a courtesy for her continued support as a client). She kept itching, yet stayed quite a while longer finishing her cup of tea. Then right before leaving she said the hypnosis for the itching would be worth a try.

I did a rapid, eye fixation induction, gave her a few quick suggestions about her body creating natural itch relief until she was able to get her medicine, at which time the itch would heal quickly. (She insisted on the medicine being incorporated). It took less then five minutes. She stayed a while longer, not itching at all.

It was one of those "gift" moments, not so much for her, but for me. If none of this had come to pass, she might not have ever mentioned "not going deep enough." There is more to be said on that, but that part will have to wait until tomorrow, as today's work calls me out of my blogger bliss. However, I will leave you with this. The "gift" moment was that she has no problem with trance depth now.

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