Friday, June 8, 2007

The Post Hypnotic Suggestion

A friend, who is learning about hypnosis and has started a dialogue with me, has asked me to explain how to give a post hypnotic suggestion when hypnotizing someone and asks what the results would be when finished with hypnosis session. This is a wonderful question that I thought was worth putting on the blog because all of you who read this and respond do so in a such an understandable way that I figure between all of us, we could answer this question.

There are several ways to answer this question depending on one's views about post hypnotic suggestion. There is the direct route of traditional hypnosis and then there are differing opinions on that such as the Milton Model (which is what NLP is based upon). In clinical hypnosis, they are suggestions to help modify certain behaviors over a long period of time. There are also suggestions that are meant to be "triggered" with a certain word or action. The direct route is basically when you as the hypnotist believe the person you are hypnotizing is ready to receive the post hypnotic suggestion (after the induction and a deepener, perhaps some level testing), you give the post hypnotic suggestion. So, the question of "How" is not such a simple question.

Post hypnotic suggestions are usually fairly short and simple, have a time element involved (whenever I say the word "home," you stomp your right foot once), and a trigger ("home"). Many people also put in wording that will bring the person being hypnotized out of the reaction. You may tell them that you will snap your fingers twice and they no longer stamp their foot when you say "home."

Depending in the person you are hypnotizing, this post hypnotic suggestion may be accepted and you can trigger it after the session. This suggestion may last a long time or it may fade in a few hours.

Okay, there's more to it, so if any of you other hypnotist wants to add or explain something more, please do. And if anyone has anymore questions or seeks clarityon this, post those as well.


Bhumidatta said...

Thanks for your expalin of post hypnotic. If we give to post hypnotic to a person how we can remove from his/ her mind?

Bhumidatta said...

Thanks for your explain of post hypnotic. I think One things is not clear if we give to any one post hypnotics how remove that?

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Just as you put in a trigger for the post hypnotic suggestion, you will want to put in a second trigger to stop the suggestion. You would want to put this in the hypnosis session directly after the post hypnotic suggestion. You would say something to the affect of "when I snap my fingers twice you will no longer stamp your foot when I say 'home'." It is as though you are making two post hypnotic suggestions. The first is for the result that you want; the next is to stop the result. Does this make sense?

When you finish the session, try the first trigger and you'll know if the first suggestion worked. If so, to remove this, snap your fingers twice (or whatever you said in the hypnosis process that would remove the affect). And that should do it.