Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Question from the Deep

Thanks to you who answered my call for non-counting deepeners. If you haven't read the responses I received from this, you can check them out from my Monday blog entry.

Both deepeners that were mentioned employ the use of color changes (which I really like). My question now is: will these work for people who do not easily visualize?


Anonymous said...

Good question. The furniture-store deepener does work well with auditory and kinesthetic types, and I'd speculate that it does because it employs those senses as well as the visual. People who don't visualize the sofa can still imagine sinking into it and relaxing.

Lee's rainbow system should also work if you include components that invoke the other senses as well as the visual. Even someone who can't visualize the colors of the rainbow but is familiar with their sequence can recognize the pattern and follow it.

Here's another thought for you: what if you borrow the "lose the numbers" element from the Dave Elman induction but use the alphabet instead? "... and as you say each letter of the alphabet, imagine yourself mentally relaxing and erasing it so that after just a few letters you've relaxed the entire alphabet out of your mind ..."

- Michael Raugh, C.H.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Most excellent. I had thought about trying the alphabet idea, too. Then I thought it also might make a good analytic type of induction, having the client recite it backwards, though this could be more stress than necessary. Or perhaps one could give the suggestion that as it grows more difficult to recite backwards, the person becomes more relaxed and lets go. Just a thought.