Sunday, June 24, 2007

Question - Same As Before

I'm still fixated on yesterday's theme. Yep, that's right, non-verbal inductions.

Paul has a lovely story about how he met his wife that deals with written hypnosis (did I get that right, Paul? ), so this seem like a pretty interesting topic.

For those who are new to hypnosis or are clients, an induction is part of the hypnotic process, where the person being hypnotized either seriously relaxes or is given a task to engage the mind so that suggestions, regressions, parts therapy, etc. can proceed.

The most I can say about non-verbal induction techniques is that I have only ever tried the famous handshake. I am definitely a verbal girl (some would say I never got over the sound of my own voice, lol). Anyway, I had read about this induction and mentioned it to a client. He was curious to try it. Up to that point, I had just said there was a way to hypnotize a person just by shaking their hand. So, I did the induction and was totally surprised to find that he instantly reacted to it in a positive way. He went completely limp and responded to a post hypnotic suggestion afterwards. Pretty amazing.

So, that's it folks. I would love to hear about your experiences with non-verbal inductions.


Anonymous said...


This sounds really creepy. I'm not sure what I believe about hypnosis, but what you're describing sounds like people could go around hypnotizing others without them knowing it.


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks for posting, Beth. No, I'm not talking about anything "creepy," though there seems to be a fair amount of spam with titles like "covert hypnosis." There may be people out there who engage in such activity, but always remember, you never lose free will. I suppose it is possible to be put into a trance somewhat unexpectedly, but you will not do anything that goes against the inner you. Does this make sense (other hypno people, feel free to jump in)?

What I am posting about are ways that one can induce hypnosis with something other than verbal cues.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the one with the clock face where you don't say anything and the client does the work? (Got this from one of Ormand McGill's books, not sure where he got it from.)

Give your client a piece of card with a clock face drawn on it without any hands. Tell them to look at each number in turn starting at one. As they look at each number they are to say the number out loud, then silently say to themselves "deep asleep" the same number of times as the number they have just spoken. Also tell them that their eyes will soon close and they will go into trance.

So it goes ONE deep asleep TWO deep asleep deep asleep THREE etc

Meanwhile you just watch until they close they stop speaking / close their eyes. Then tell them you are taking the card from them (assuming they haven't dropped it) and go into a deepener.


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

This is great! I have not tried it, but I look forward to doing so. Have you had good luck with it?