Sunday, June 3, 2007

Favorite Hypnotic Process

The Sunday question of the day is: what is your favorite hypnotic process. Is it regression, straight script work, ideometric responses, parts therapy, reframing or anything else?

You know, I always seem to ask about "favorites" and then I feel like swatting myself. The idea of a favorite is like categorizing oneself, and I am often loath to do so. One day I like one thing, another day I like something completely different.

So, not to total cop out of answering my own question, I'll say I like any process that is interactive between hypnotist and client. Response is good. And I think most hypnosis is this way, a constant intuitive process for the hypnotist that does engage the client.

And in my childish way, I think regression is my current favorite. I love the stories that come up. There is often a sense of wonder in the client as they tell their memory, and I always feel so honored to be the one hearing it. And when connections are made - that is so amazing to witness.


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Paul said...

Ugh... spam spam spam. Even with the "Spam King" in jail it just never ends. :(

My favorite part has to be the induction, since no two are ever the same, and it gives me the opportunity to learn how to read people better in real-time because I'll feed what I see right back to them so it just compounds the entire experience.

Watching someone that either hasn't ever been truly relaxed or someone that simply does not believe they can enter trance actually experience it... it's pure magic from start to finish.

Then there's always the classic "So when are you going to hypnotize me?" followed by my simple finger motion to the watch on their wrist or the clock on the wall and then that wide-eyed stare of realization:

"Oh... wow, what happened to the time."

Priceless. :)

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks for sharing, Paul. It really is a magical concept.