Saturday, June 9, 2007

Off to the Wilds

Well, I'm off again into the wild, blue yonder. Yes, I know, it seems as though I just got back from the last retreat, but call it a restlessness of the soul that keeps me wandering. LOL. I'm hoping to continue morning coffee or tea with you, but again, I'm not sure about what sort of internet access I will have. But, I'm sure I will check in when I can (after all the laptop does make for a good companion), so please continue to post and I'll moderate when I can. Plus, I will miss you terribly if you don't.

And to leave you with a few thoughts, and a potential 'nother book discussion as I just started The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield (I know, I know I'm behind the times on best sellers), I found a quote from his introduction that speaks volumes to something about which I have been thinking. It's the idea that emotions may be contagious, mental germs that spread like illness. It's all over the forums, and I don't know about you, but when I go through a spell of reading negative post, after negative post, well, it can really bring a person down (or inspire retaliation, rebuttals, and so on). I notice this happens in civic groups in which I belong. But then to not completely focus on negatives, good emotions do the same. On said forums, they inspire thought and camaraderie. So, before I digress even more, I'll just give you the quote:

If it touches you, if it crystallizes something that you perceive in life, then pass on what you see to another - for I think our new awareness of the spiritual is expanding in exactly this way, no longer through hype nor fad, but personally, through a kind of positive psychological contagion among people.


canary said...

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Paul said...

I read that book about 10 years ago when I was in Death Valley. Definitely made a long-lasting impression on me with respects to religion and other topics best left for some other blog, etc. :)

There's a guy that's part of the "team" preaching "The Secret" nowadays by the name of James Arthur Ray. Nice guy, has a lot to say and gets his point across. I was just talking to a friend on IRC when it reminded me of a comment James makes in his DVD, "Quantum Creations," that goes like this:

"I don't watch TV, I don't read newspapers, I don't watch the news. All of it is designed to do one thing: keep you depressed and feeling bad about how things are. So I choose not to watch or read about that sort of stuff. I have a simple rule: if something happens that I need to be aware of, or it's relevant to me in some way, I'll find out about it when the Universe needs me to know."

Lately I've adopted that attitude for myself, as I don't watch TV much anymore, read the paper, etc. I'm online quite often but even so, I tend to realize that the stuff that's relevant to me and my life does get to me in some mysterious way, as fast if not faster than watching the news or reading the paper.

Funny how that works. :)

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Death Valley must have been a great place to read The Celestine Prophecy.
Very interesting about not watching TV and such, but still getting the information. I imagine that makes the world a little more tolerable?