Thursday, May 10, 2007

This Thing Called Self-hypnosis

Sometimes I meditate. Sometimes I relax with breathing work. Sometimes I just sit and listen to the wind whispering through the trees. And sometimes, often even, I practice self-hypnosis.

I had a client recently ask me who hypnotizes me and was totally surprised when I said "me." Yes, the perfect segway to help her learn how to do it for herself. At first she looked puzzled and asked, "But you said all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Who guides you?" And I could see the confusion, but again was thrilled for the segway and spent the remain time with her teaching this wonderful tool.

Her last question to me was, "Why do you teach people how to do this? Won't they stop coming to you?" I didn't dare tell her that it seems like many people who have the tool either don't take the time to practice and there seems to be huge number who prefer to have a "guide." I just wished her well with it, told her to keep in touch, and practice, practice, practice.

Here's my question for all the hypnotists out there: How many of you practice self-hypnosis and what is you preferred method?


Paul said...

Hrmmm, the most interesting question of all. "Who shaves the barber" translated to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

For myself I can typically drop into a state in a few seconds, and I've been known on some occasions to really disappear and go so deep that I'm fairly certain I'm getting down to Esdaile levels - my Wife presently, and even my family members years ago, would tell me that they tried to awaken me or at least get a response of some kind and upon touching me recoiled in fear thinking I was dead because my skin temperature was cold, so I guess I went deep.

It's infrequent, and I actually miss that state. Sometimes I'll close my eyes - sometimes not - and just drift clean off at a moment's notice. I do lots of what I'd call "micro-trances" during the course of a day, and I mean a lot of 'em. :)

I've been practicing so long I can "zone out" almost at will with little or no prep time anymore.

Have fun, always

Anonymous said...

I use self hypnosis every day. For the last 20 minutes of the day I sit in a nice, comfy chair that's next to the bed and take myself into trance.

Sometimes I have a specific set of suggestions I want to reinforce. I'll use a recording (I make my own) sometimes, or just meditate on what I want to suggest to myself. I'll also go over any lingering thoughts from the day and get them resolved.

Using self hypnosis this way prepares my mind to go to (real) sleep and seems to make it easier to get a good night's rest.

-Michael Raugh, C.Ht.

Lee Darrow said...

Hiccups. That was what "proved" to me that I was being successful with self hypnosis, a bunch of years ago.

I had gotten one of those really annoying, persistent and rapid-fire types of hiccups that can drive a person crazy (or, in my case, probably crazier) and my SO at the time decided that I needed to go to the store for something insignificant (I think it was for toothpics and a post-it pad).

When I got to the car, this being after four hours of this, I said to myself, "Okay, hotshot, let's see if you are anywhere near as good as your P.R.!" and dropped myself into state.


No hiccups!

It's helpful during the onset of my migraines, but, if I don't catch it in time, my concentration goes out the window because of the pain - which is where CD's, MP3's and friends come in real handy!