Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Something odd that I have noticed:

When I have clients with back to back appointments (or with as much as an hour in between), they seem to show the same patterns. Does this happen to anyone else?

The best example of this was a client who came to me for weight loss. In the middle of the session, she began to move for legs, not just a little, but like chair dancing. When I brought her out, she said she was shocked. Her husband had told her she had restless leg syndrome, but she didn't believe him. She said she became aware of it during the session and was unable to stop herself from moving. All is well that ends well, though. She has lost weight and her husband's insomnia has also disappeared (she went to a doctor about the legs...I know, I know - hypnosis would have probably helped that as well, but you can only bring a horse to water, there's only so much you can make them drink;).

Here's the oddity. My next client was with someone I had worked with before and found to be calm in her manner when hypnotized. So, in the middle of her session, she begins to move her legs restlessly. Now, one might think it was the inductions orsuggestions I had given, but I used two totally different inductions and techniques (I even listened to the session recordings to see if I had inadvertently given an odd suggestion. I found nothing.) When I brought her out, she had no memory of moving her legs.

How odd, but this sort of thing seems to happen often (not the legs, hadn't seen it before, hadn't seen it since).

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Paul said...

In my own experience and research, leg movements, finger twitching, facial ticks, body jerks, etc - all of that is coming from some unconscious reaction to the hypnotic work being done. All those types of movements would be classified as ideomotor/ideomatic behavior sooo...

Maybe if and when you happen to notice it again with a subject you're working with, find a way to ask about the movement while they're still in a state of trance and see if the unconscious is willing to offer an explanation.

Worth a shot, right? :)