Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Sunday Question: Making A Living

Somewhere along the way, it may be something that nags the mind, it may be the expectations of those who influence us, or maybe, just be it it seems very interesting or perhaps even easy - but we all choose our way in the world and how we plan to survive.

Hypnosis, at first seemed much like the latter to me, interesting and easy. Are you smiling, those of you in the know? I so did not know the half of it. What I did know is that I knew people who had made huge emotional and physical changes due to hypnosis. I knew people who had gone the route of other "therapies" and who seem to stay locked in a course that included many years of said therapy. How could one not be attracted to hypnosis then in the field of healing work?

So over the years, I studied and read, read and practiced and one day, threw all caution to the wind and opened an office to pursue clinical hypnosis (not complete caution - I did create and have maintained a business plan and utilize small business counseling when needed). That's all I do. No teaching, no shows. I do offer community guided meditations though and occasional workshops on self-hypnosis, etc.

I won't say it has been easy or as lucrative as I had hoped. What I have truly learned is that it seems to be a lot about marketing. And recently I have gotten a small itch to think about doing stage work (though the thought isn't completely loud, yet).

Now I wonder, just how everyone else out there is doing with the idea of using hypnosis to make their living and how they approach it. Do they teach? Do shows? Or are there others who just practice in a clinical setting?


Lee Darrow said...

I am primarily a performer. I always have been, whether as a magician, musician or mentalist (ask me if you are unfamiliar with the term, it's a bit too complex and off topic for right now) and I actively enjoy "spreading the word" about hypnosis through my shows.

However, I approach my performances in a bit different way than some of my colleagues, or so I am told by many of my clients who have hired some of them - I direct all of the applause to the volunteers and do my level best to make them look good on stage, even when they are doing things that are rather amusing.



But that's another issue.

With regard to income, I also found out a long time ago that I can make about 10 times what I make per hour doing a show than I make seeing one client.

And as someone once said, "Work smart, not hard."

Well, whoever said that, never worked in showbiz.

In showbiz, you have to work hard and smart. Otherwise, you don't work at all!


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks for answering, Lee. I really enjoy the term mentalist. I have seen your shows, and that's why I do like them so much (and am playing with the idea of performing). You are kind to your participants. That seems really important.