Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For the past month or so, we have all been seeing what we want to see, or rather, I have been seeing what I want to see. But, the magic spell has been broken, and a hero stepped in to rescue me from delusion. Who is this hero? Well Paul, of course.
He discovered the hidden error of my ways. Rather than being the transparent hypnotist, I have been masquerading as the transparent hypnosist. The veil has dropped and I'm now back to being a hypnotist. Thanks for catching the misspelling on the blog header! that I am thinking about it. Perhaps my subconscious mind was telling me something with that misspelling. If you break it down, what is a "tist?" I'm sure someone here has studied Latin and perhaps will share. Then again, what is a "sist?" It's not a cyst, but a bit of assist. And isn't that what we do, assist people to help them accomplish what they want to accomplish? So perhaps, I am a hypnosist. Hmmm....

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Paul said...

Who, me? :)

Today's my 40th birthday and I've plenty of gray hairs to prove it.

Glad to be of help, and I don't know why I missed it myself so often.

We humans are the strangest of all creatures, I swear.

Have fun, always