Monday, May 7, 2007

The Gulf in Golf

Golf. There's a subject.

Henry Bolduc recently said:

I don't believe in golf. I've never played it, but maybe if I did I would believe in it more - a few million people probably do. I see them out there with sticks and little white balls, and they seem happy, driving around in those little bumper cars.

I love this! It so applies to what hypnotist do. Just because people may have never experienced hypnosis or past life regression (in Henry's case) or perhaps have a skeptics view point, this does not take away validity.

Interestingly enough, golf seems to pop up a lot theses days. Clients wanting to improve their game, lose the yips, and create better personal concentration. And there they are and here I am, much like Henry. This is probably one of my weaker areas, helping those with personal change for game improvement. I suspect it maybe because I have never been particularly interested in playing sports (yet I enjoy going to professional sport events - go race horse Hypnosis). I can intellectualize about it, but it is so frustrating. I have good success with fringe issues, confidence building, concentration in general, anxiety release, and yet helping those with golf performance and yips seem to elude me. Any thoughts?

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