Monday, May 14, 2007

Now I Eat Fish

My retreat is going along well, but I decided to pay a visit to the local library to check in and see what is happening in Ellie's World. LOL.

I received this from Frank Munkle, who along with his partner and wife Louise, are regressionists. I hope you enjoy it! (And Frank and Louise, it was great meeting you last week!).

A woman I will call "K" came for a private session. I questioned why she wanted the regression. She told me that she wondered why she has such a strong dislike for fish. She didn't want to eat fish. In fact, she didn't even want to eat near people who were eating fish. She also mentioned that she had an emotional feeling about the sinking of the Titanic. A motion picture about the sinking of the Titanic had recently been showing in the theaters - so I thought that was the reason why she had those feelings. (I discovered later that I was wrong)

When "K" was regressed, she found that she was in Italy in the early 1700's. She was a healer and used herbs to help people recover from minor illnesses. According to the established church, no one except for trained physicians, priests and nuns, was allowed to be involved with healing. The church considered it blasphemy if others were attempting to do healing as Jesus did. A minor town official discovered that the woman was involved with healing and warned her to stop. She did not stop her healing practice. Later, when the town official learned that the woman was still doing the healing, he sent two of his employees to get rid of her. They captured the woman and put her into a boat. They took her out into the bay and threw her overboard. Next, she told me that as her soul was going up above the water, she could look down and see fish eating pieces of her body where she was floating. Hundreds of years later, when the Titanic struck an iceberg and was sinking, my client was on the other side of life helping those traumatized souls who had drowned when the Titanic sank.

From the perspective of those victims who had drowned as the Titanic sank and their souls went to the other side of life, whose soul was more qualified to empathize with them than a soul who had been deliberately drowned when she was thrown into the bay off the coast of Italy? So, then she knew why she disliked fish and why she felt the connection with Titanic. Also, in this life, the town official is her brother.

This is not the end of the story. The woman I regressed called me a few weeks later and told me she had been shopping in a large grocery store. The clerks were offering small samples of various foods to the customers. Naturally, "K" did not stop her cart as she passed a display where free samples of fish were being offered. Suddenly, she thought, "There is no reason now for me to dislike fish." So, she backed up her cart and accepted the fish sample and she enjoyed it.

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