Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back for Esoteric Saturday Dreaming

Well hello again friends. I have returned from a mythological journey that took me not so far from home, but to the farther reaches of the mind. It was more back roads, memories, silliness, and exploration.

As many of you know that when one is involved with hypnosis, there are many tangents conversations can take. From guided morning meditations for almost two weeks (and experiencing a few sunrises...still highly overrated), dreams became a popular subject, especially toward the lucid dream angle.

First, I probably should say that I am relatively sure I have never lucid dreamed. I have never felt the need to control my dreams because I feel it is the time elicited for the subconscious mind to process and dump what it is not needed from the conscious mind. But I am open to other interpretations. I suspect we have discussed this a bit before...or perhaps it was on a forum.

However, I have had many request to help guide people into lucid dreaming through hypnosis and have spent a little time learning about the process and theories. I suspect I will not truly "get it" until I experience it personally.

So, are you wondering what is esoteric about all this? Much.

Today's esoteric moment is brought to you by the famed "Dream Machine." According to David Kerekes, Author of Headpress 25: William Burroughs & the Flicker Machine:

A dream machine is "viewed" with the eyes closed: the pulsating light stimulates the optical nerve and alters the brain's electrical oscillations. The "viewer" experiences increasingly bright, complex patterns of color behind their closed eyelids. The patterns become shapes and symbols, swirling around, until the "viewer" feels surrounded by colors. It is claimed that viewing a dream machine allows one to enter a hypnagogic state.

So, I found instructions on how to make an inexpensive version of this dream machine. Click here to view them.

Well, this seems to be more of a hypnotic machine than a dream machine. One of my travel companions had a suggestion to modify this machine to make lucid dreaming more certain. If the timer on the LCD flashing mechanism was set for a longer period - say for 45 minutes or so, and would only start flashing at that time, you could use hypnotic suggestion for lucid dreaming.

If you had a client put on the sunglasses and did a hypnotic induction for sleep and that when the lights began flashing it would be a signal that they could now control their dream, it could be powerful.

Just a cool new toy to play with...


Paul said...

I had posted a question recently at the Waking Dreams Yahoo Group about people's experiences with light and sound machines like the Novapro series that gets a lot of mention. Several people I've come to know over the years either own them or they've utilized them in the past with great success.

Maybe someday I'll be fortunate enough to get the chance to experience what such a device might be able to help me achieve. Me being a hypervigilant has too many drawbacks, especially when trying to let go.

Nice to see you back, Ellie, I was about to fire off an email to check and make sure you were doing ok. :)

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I am not all that familiar with the Novapro (expense being a reason to not have it on the list of priorities), but it sounds interesting. You really might want to look at the instructions for making your own dream machine. It might be doable.