Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Dream Question

Dreaming seems like a great topic to continue upon so today's question is all about lucid dreaming.

If you are a lucid dreamer, what techniques do you use to assist yourself in doing such?

In other words, how do you do it? What works and does not work? What is the value in lucid dreaming?

If you read yesterday's entry then you know this is not something I have I am hoping those of you who have had any experience with it, will relate some knowledge here.


Bill Perry said...

As far as inducing LD's, for me it's generally enough to have the intent to have a lucid dream. I've found that it's rather difficuly for me, like other people, to have a lucid dream when first going to sleep.

I'm doing my own research to figure out how to fix that. I don't want to have to sleep all night in order to get LD in the morning. I think LD's at night would be better, due to lack of outside light hitting the eyes. Natural darkness rocks for dream imagery.

I've not really messed with "Dream Control" much, because at this point, I'm into exploring my mind from the inside out and Lucidity is an awesome way to do that.

My strongest point with lucid dreaming is that I'm able to stay in the lucid dreams as long as I want. I grabbed an anchoring technique from a book talking about NLP and anchoring. I'm able to stay in the LD, for the most part, until I get "done" with the experience.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Thanks for answering the Sunday question! By the way, your blog is pretty interesting, I'll give it a shout out in a posting soon.

The anchoring idea is interesting. In what I have read by other lucid dreamers, you have managed to solve a large issue with LD by staying for as long as you want in the dream experience.