Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday thoughts on Black Friday Phobias

It is good to be back with you on this Monday morning. During my adventure away, I was pretty much caffeine-free and vegetarian, but I have to say that I missed the taste of my British Breakfast tea, or any black tea for that matter. Sometimes I think it is a great exercise to go without the things you enjoy but perhaps take for granted. How much you miss something may speak volumes.

Well, we are still on the topic of lucid dreams, at least for our weekly poll. Hope you will participate. It seems like this could be a very in-depth topic that could involve hypnosis, not just in conjunction with, but as a trigger and more. But I must leave that for a moment.

Today's agenda involves working with a client on removing malevolent feelings about the upcoming holidays. Apparently seeing stores becoming stocked with Christmas commercialism has once again cause her a pain that apparently will deepen as the time grows nearer to December. (I am in some agreement with her, I think September is too early to have decorations available, but I suspect this can become a positive concept).

Phobia work in hypnosis is very satisfying all the way around. Phobias are interesting, and a totally creative component within humanity. I meet lots of people with fairly common ones, spiders, snakes and creepy crawly things, oh my. But I met a lot of others as well.

So, as I type this, I am also compiling a list of notes and resources for this particular client. I suspect the session will boil down to regression and release, but we will see (interesting how many people do not want to under go regression and that speaks much as well). The one thing she has told me is that she feels a great pressure when it comes to buying gifts. She is not wealthy and does not believe in going into debt for the holidays (Amen!), but believes that her gifts should still be things that are wanted by others. She has gotten lost in lists and materialism. She works two jobs, so trying to make all her gifts is also stressful.

I have found a resource that could help with some of this. It involves embracing Black Friday. I know it seems far off, but I imagine Thanksgiving will coming roaring along here any minute. Now I am not suggesting getting up at the crack of dawn (not like some of us, it is not for everyone), slogging out into the world of craziness here in the States. Rather, my suggestion for Black Friday involves making a good pot of coffee, pouring a cup and logging onto Starting now, one can go onto this site and see what various stores are offering as Black Friday Internet sales. If one can obtain others' wish lists, than one can be fully prepared to get a few bargains, order gifts and sit back and enjoy the coffee.

And this is not one of those sites that only represents small, expensive companies, but includes many of the biggies such as Best Buy, Target, and so on. An example is the Best Buy deals page. They have lots of tech equipment and entertainment items for a variety of ages.

My Black Friday ideas are that much of one's holiday shopping needs could be planned in advance (the site offers an email service to let you know when more merchants and ads are included) and shopped for in one day, thus getting this task accomplished so that there will be more time to enjoy life without the rush or pressure remaining.

A few hypno sessions on eliminating procrastination might be useful as well. LOL.

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