Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Question of Mind Control

Let's get philosophical today. After reading about the esoteric robbery and hearing various peoples' thoughts on forums and such, where do we stand with our views on hypnosis and mind control. Most therapeutic hypnotists say that one cannot be hypnotized to do something against one's will.

The question is:

Do you believe in mind control, that someone else can control another person's thoughts, actions and reactions?

Answer this however you desire. It can have hypnosis undercurrents or blatant NLP processes...or not.

For me, I would like to believe that one could break any sort of manipulations if one desired, so no, I do not buy in to ultimate mind control. Others can manipulate you, but once you are keen to this and do no longer want to be "controled," it may take a little while, but you can get out of it.

Your turn.

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Dr Bryan Knight said...

I think you're perpetuating the confusion between hypnosis and mind control.

The latter is akin to brainwashing. That can be elaborate, like the infamous CIA experiments or fairly simple, like an abuser's control through fear and physical force, of a victim.

Hypnosis, on the other hand, requires the voluntary cooperation of the hypnotizee.

And the apparent "mind control", as in stage shows, is much more short-lived than true mind control.