Friday, September 28, 2007

Planning for Lucid Dreaming

I am going to sit here, write some more, and hold onto to the credit card just a bit longer to make sure all those things am I about to buy on the Internet (for the office, of course) are really good choices. I have a hazelnut flavored coffee and all seems well. How are you doing? Has it been a good Friday for you?

Hopefully you will indulge me a little more in the lucid dreaming area. I am going fullspeed into this. Are you with me?

I have actually seen this mentioned a couple of times, but it seems like good advice. It is the idea of planning for lucid dreams. This could only enhance the experience and concrete the idea a little more. This is not scheduling it (but we have already covered ways to increase the likelihood of lucid dreaming), but knowing what to do once you get there, realize you have a certain awareness and can participate in the dream experience.

The question is, what will you do once you are there? Apparently, for newbies like me, it is very easy to come out of the lucid dream state just by the realization you are in it and not quite knowing what to do in the circumstance. So, it is good idea to have a plan of what happens next once you are aware.

So, what would you do? Or what do you do?

Would you fly? Would you turn day into night or vice versa? Would you turn the dream into a musical?

Me? I would look for a body of water and walk across it. Not to be blasphemous here, but I have always been fascinated by that idea.

But what would I do the moment after realizing I was an active participant? I would probably try to fade into the background and just observe.

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