Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why would one ever be a hypnotist?

There is a simple joy in being a hypnotist that stems from many sources. My personal motivation is the idea of helping others. Everyday life is often more complicated than it ought to be, so if I can contribute and help someone with positive change, well then I feel as though I have really done something. It goes deeper than this though, it's not really that "I" have done something, but that I've helped others do something for themselves.

If you are a hypnotist reading this, here's a chance for discourse: what motivates you to be a hypnotist?


Paul said...

Oh boy, it's that question so I'll just say this:

I do it because I enjoy helping people, and because I'm good at it. I've studied hypnosis for so many years in my lifetime that I finally had to admit that I do like it, I do know it, and I do enjoy the feelings I get when I know I've helped someone else resolve something or get a better grip on a situation than they did before my assistance was provided.

Isn't helping people what it's all about anyway? :)

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I have to admit, when I broached this subject I had no idea what response I might get with everyone on the forums. :)

You can stay! LOL. Yes, it is all about helping others. You mention that you "finaly" do like(hypnosis) it. Was this a question in the past?

Paul said...

I've always "liked" it, but the question was always in the back of my mind: "Am I good enough to ask people to trust me with their emotional well-being, even their deepest darkest secrets if they choose to share them with me?" because we all know that each of us has something going on inside.

There's a line or two in the movie "Peaceful Warrior" based on Dan Millman's book "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" where the star of the movie has to confront his own shortcomings and realize he doesn't know it all and he's just human - but he has to state the realization to his mentor or his "training" won't continue.

He spends hours toiling over it, and then as such things usually happen, it comes to him in an instant and he says:

"There is never nothing going on. There are no ordinary moments."

Seems a bit corny on the surface, but it means so much when taken in context of the story and what the realization does for the protagonist. Sometimes I get lucky and have such monumental leaps of clarity myself, but they're few and far between and I treasure them when I'm blessed with their arrival.

Bleh... now I'm babbling. :D

I had a confidence issue, basically, and I resolved it by actually using hypnosis to help someone close to me - that person eventually became my Wife, and through her (before our relationship really happened) I was able to help some friends of hers as well - and by helping others, I helped myself.

Pretty simple, eh? :)

Have fun, always...

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

That's great! And the quote isn't corny. I think when the heart and mind are in the right place, it leads to some fabulous evolution within and isn't that a basis of hypnosis. Interesting..we so rarely speak of the heart in our profession...