Friday, April 27, 2007

Today's Coffee and Being on the Level

Today really isn't a coffee day, it seems more like a cup of Constant Comment Tea...and maybe a slice.

Now let me level with you about hypnosis and get a little deeper. Our relationship is ready for that, is it not?

Yesterday we (the royal we -you and me) talked of being in a state of hypnosis, but like everything, that can be detailed a bit more. My clients look at me in a hazy way and wonder what I mean by gauging their level. Hypnotist gather trance information based on how deep a person is in terms of relaxation. For various types of hypnosis different levels are helpful though most work can be done on lighter levels, concepts like creating an anesthesia effect require deeper levels.

There are several scales that hypnotist can use. You may hear words like Arons, LeCron, Stanford, among others. I tend to go with Arons because it is short, simple and sweet (and is also what several of the certification organizations use as a standard). In this, there are six levels :

  • Catalepsy or relaxation- we often check this by asking you to open your eyes, suggesting that you cannot, and if you cannot, well then, there you are.
  • Arm Catalepsy - this is done by asking you to hold up an arm and suggesting you cannot lower it, and one can stay with this arm lift without exertion. You may feel heavy or like you are floating.
  • Number Block (aphasia) - this is checked by taking a common number out of the counting structure and it seems as though the number never existed. Partial amnesia happens here.
  • Glove Analgesia and Amnesia - This is where you may feel pressure, say if you were pinched hard, but not the pain.
  • Positive Hallucination - You could see and hear things that are not really there but that have been suggested.
  • Negative Hallucination and Anesthesia - Well, you would not see things that are really there when given the suggestion, and this is where you would feel no pain.

Pretty nifty. And you may wonder how it is that the hypnotist is not controlling you. It's fairly simple. You allow the suggestions and in these states, you are there because you want to be there for your own benefit (as long as you believe it as so). This is the point when I tell clients that the more comfortable they are with me the better. If there is an inkling of distrust, it will be harder (but no impossible) for them to relax and accomplish what they came to accomplish. And an important thing to remember is that at any time you can come out of hypnosis on your own. If something does not feel right or the suggestion is one that goes against your notions, you'll come right out of it. This means that you retain an awareness, even if it feels like you have zoned or tranced out.

Well, my cup is empty and the day is upon me. Happy Friday to all.

Please feel free to ask questions or add to this is you are a hypnotist.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm ... a nice cup of Peet's 40th anniversary breakfast tea hits the spot, even in the afternoon.

It's easy to get into trouble talking about hypnotic depth because it's so abstract and personal, like the hypnosis experience itself. I tend just to think in terms of "deep enough for what I need to to" and "not deep enough for what I need to do." That's ultimately what matters, after all.

- Michael Raugh, C.Ht.

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

I'll have to try Peet's 40th anniversary breakfast tea. Sounds good.

And true enough about levels.