Monday, April 23, 2007

The Fruits of a Sunday

Yesterday's Internet research (yes, I know...always consider the source) for alien abduction regression was interesting and confirming.

What I learned:

  • I'm not so much into conspiracy theories or its more interesting to watch or listen to others who do.
  • It is possible that my quest for a certain list of questions to ask clients about their abduction experience to ascertain legitimacy is mostly in the realm of conspiracy theory.
  • The said questions, if there are said questions, they may be the standard regressionist questions that are non-directive, non-leading, and are meant to help the client in NOT creating false memories.
I wrote to Bill Foster of about this and here is his answer:
Excellent question! Your suggested "list" is the exact reason I do not recommend hypnotherapists who are, supposedly, "well-versed" in the subject matter. After all, if you are worried about having undiagnosed cancer and you go see a "cancer specialist" is that person not pre-disposed to assume you have cancer?
Experiencers who only vaguely know they are missing time or feel something unusual has happened in their lives may well NOT have had an abduction.
I think a list of questions is a terrible idea in that it leads the experiencer to answer what the therapist presupposes happened. i.e. "Those aliens you are looking at are the grays, right?" Our therapist could only ask us: "...and then what happened..." and knew that our answers were our own experiences, not coached.
Finally, think of it this way. You are giving therapy to a woman who had been molested in childhood. Do you ask: "Was it your Father, Uncle, Brother, neighbor or friend?" Or, do you let the patient simply tell you who it was?
I have also brought this question up on two different Google groups. In a hypnosis group no one has responded. In the alien abduction group, I have received two responses at this time. One telling me there is no such thing as alien abduction and the other response is someone counter-attacking this remark.

So, Bob Fuller, you get my most helpful person on the subject award!!!

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